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About Jessica

Jessica L’Whor is a drag queen, MUA, comedian, educator, entertainer and advocate based in Denver, Colorado. She is known as the “Kimmy Gibbler Chameleon "See a Need Fill A Need" Business Reveal Whore of Colorado” for a reason. In the year 2018, Jessica was even named Colorado’s 2018 Entertainer of the Year, producer of the year, emcee of the year, lip sync assassin of the year, in addition to several other awards and recognition.

Outside of being Colorado’s most sickening entertainer and putting on show-stopping performances across the country, Jessica's pends some of her time producing events as well. In 2019, Jessica co-produced Denver’s annual Drag Days celebration including producing and hosting a drag brunch that broke the Guiness World Record for the World’s Largest Drag Brunch. You can also almost always catch Jessica at a variety of venues across the state. Beyond that, Jessica is involved in the lion’s share of drag events across the Denver area.


Jessica is also known for her advocacy work -- particularly her LGBTQIA+  advocacy work. In 2018, Jessica L’Whor, known as “Miss Jessica” when working with children, focuses on going to schools and creating all ages events to promote a safe environment for youth to ask questions, discover themselves, and even perform. In addition to all ages events, Jessica focuses on creating opportunities to give back financially to members of the community and organizations.



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